Favorite spice, Za’atar (Vegan Mofo 2015)

Vegan mofo tomato

zaatarbreadThe prompt today is what is your favorite herb or spice?  Sticking with our theme of foods from Palestine I naturally chose za’atar as my favorite spice.  Za’atar is wild thyme, ground together with sesame seeds, and possibly salt, caraway seeds, flax seeds, and sumac.

Typically people will dip bread in oil and then into the za’atar.  It is also baked or fried on flat bread.  Or you can just sprinkle it onto your freshly baked bread.

Where can you find za’atar?  Well you can find it in any store that sells Middle Eastern or Mediterranean foods.  If you don’t live near a specialty international food store, you can order it from the Canaan Fair Trade Shop.  While you are there order some of their amazing olive oil and olives.

So what can you make with za’atar besides sprinkling on bread?  Well you can add it to just about anything you would make with thyme.

You can make pizza as seen on this post for the Fusion Challenge.

Add it to your fried potatoes with peppers and onions.  Here I had some with biscuits and almond gravy.


Make some pita chips to enjoy with hummus.


makingrollsMake your own Palestinian style bread-sticks, like we enjoyed during our stay in Aqqaba.  To make my mini rolls, I bought some pre-made pizza dough, sprinkled on za’atar, rolled them and baked them until they turned golden.


The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy! #veganmofo, #vgnmf15



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